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Soil Genesis in Relation to Glacial History, Central Yukon
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Appendix Soil Profile Figures
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MD5 Checksum: 8321f6aab532654a86fce7ced35acf9b
Annotated soil profile photographs (.jpg) from Appendix 1 of the thesis, labelled with horizon designations.
Appendix X-Ray Diffraction Diagrams
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MD5 Checksum: e56ff20f3ad457404a5e865554580158
X-ray diffraction diagrams (.jpg) for the clay fractions (< 2 µm), labelled with the sample numbers and horizon designations. These figures appear in Appendix 4 of the thesis.
Dampier (2010) particle size analyses.csv
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MD5 Checksum: 656ee69512ee583fa03e0273f232b826
Particle size analysis data for the mineral soil horizons.
Dampier (2010) pH data.csv
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MD5 Checksum: 0662f159e3b7259d4d850e8544429637
pH data. Also includes results for qualitative testing for the presence of carbonates.
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MD5 Checksum: 66c743930356ed94dc9b751486a484a5
Soil chemical analysis data from the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, formerly in the Research Branch, Ministry of Forests & Range (now in Ministry of Environment).
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MD5 Checksum: 36c73c87aa51bf2de544cc009fdb00af
Total elemental analysis data for the < 2mm fractions and bedrock samples.
Dampier (2010) master list of horizon samples.csv
Plain Text - 2 KB - 1 download
MD5 Checksum: 273d755de13767cf9631a8dc43fa36ab
Establishes linkage between sample ID, horizon names, and depth measurements (cm).
Adobe PDF - 37 MB - 1 download
MD5 Checksum: 954e2908711591bad9ba171bbbb67665
Final copy of thesis as provided by thesis supervisor Dr. Paul Sanborn. Includes full colour figures.
Adobe PDF - 142 KB - 1 download
MD5 Checksum: 8fc7eae734ddba2dfb707d2ff6d14956
Data dictionary. Provides detailed information about the contents of the data files.
Adobe PDF - 336 KB - 0 downloads
MD5 Checksum: c955925a5d6c0f8d83c9b25a3d9d14fc
Ministry of Environment Analytical Chemistry Laboratory price list. Included because it contains some information about the methods used to generate the chemical analysis data. Note that the full text of the thesis, which is provided in PDF format, provides complete details on sampling locations and analytical methods.
Read this first.pdf
Adobe PDF - 50 KB - 2 downloads
MD5 Checksum: c0a8671e5654c712dda9fc44bb480a05
Background to archives data and images for Dampier (2010) thesis.
Thesis Chapter Figures
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Original figures (.jpg) from the three chapters making up the body of the thesis.
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