Transcriptomic correlates of neuron electrophysiological diversity
Version: 3 – Released: Thu Feb 22 16:04:13 PST 2018
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MD5 Checksum: 25ac48693329af3cf6ab96cbc67bb46a
Combined validation dataset (from combining AIBS cell types expression and ephys data)
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MD5 Checksum: 6039d55f1716adb9f72dfff75a896bed
NeuroElectro dataset (as of Sept 2017)
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MD5 Checksum: 4a985e5e78e0898e1f2e2a06b918093d
Metadata describing cell types in discovery dataset
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MD5 Checksum: 09d5d922f0693d0d8bc79414d476c8e1
Combined discovery dataset (from combining NeuroExpresso and NeuroElectro)
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MD5 Checksum: dfca2d5708978b934c7d10ca900e65fa
R scripts for performing experimental condition based adjustment
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MD5 Checksum: 117563b93f8d6532f696cd172994dbb3
Metadata describing ephys properties
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MD5 Checksum: 60afc998ba042a5cd4151d4ddcf9cd40
R scripts with utility functions for performing experimental condition based adjustment
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MD5 Checksum: f4e7884c41fe0d1e4582fa9a69c233b2
Metadata describing gene names
Gene-Ephys Literature Search Raw.csv
Plain Text - 39 KB - 5 downloads
MD5 Checksum: 3d4bcb04620c795010be79cf5895de0c
Raw curation spreadsheet for gene ephys property literature search
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"Transcriptomic correlates of neuron electrophysiological diversity", hdl:11272/10485