Multivariate maps of forest attributes for management units in Canada's boreal forest
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Lochhead, K., LeMay, V., Bull, G., Schwab, O., Halperin, J. 2017. Multivariate imputation for accurate and logically-consistent maps of forest attributes at macroscales. (In press)
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TitleMultivariate maps of forest attributes for management units in Canada's boreal forest
Study Global IDhdl:11272/10515
AuthorsKyle Lochhead (UBC Forestry); Valerie LeMay (UBC Forestry); Gary Bull (UBC Forestry); Olaf Schwab (Natural Resources Canada); James Halperin (UBC Forestry)
ProducerKyle Lochhead
Production DateJuly 26, 2017
Production PlaceUBC Forestry
Funding AgencySMarT Forests (, BioFuelNet (
Distribution DateJuly 26, 2017
Deposit DateJuly 26, 2017
Series1, 1
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A spatially explicit “wall to wall” forest inventory of percent crown closure (CC), average height (Ht), average age (Age), and commercial species percentages derived using a multi-source inventory approach from Lochhead et al. (2017). This process involved compiling a suite of spatial layers including Landsat TM/ETM+ imagery, interpolated climate variables, topographic variables and other remote sensing products to be used as predictors and Canada’s National Forest Inventory photo plot information (1986-2010) as the source of dependant variables.Following Lochhead et al.(2017) the application used a method called kriging with external drift which relies on a system of non-linear models with spatially varying parameters to produce multivariate maps for the year 2010 at a 90m x 90m pixel resolution. The resulting maps are clipped to each forest management area (FMA) boundary which was sourced online ( For cases, where a 90 m x 90 m pixel window overlapped non-vegetated area (e.g., waterbodies) the forest attribute information was averaging using only the vegetated pixels (i.e., prorating). For more information on methods refer to the publication.

Keywordsboreal, forest management
Topic ClassificationOpen (Open Access Tag)
Time Period Covered2010 - 2010
Date of Collection2010 - 2010
Geographic CoverageCanada's boreal forest
Geographic Unitcountry
Unit of Analysis90 m x 90 m
UniverseBoreal forest
Kind of DataSpatial, tiff
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"Multivariate maps of forest attributes for management units in Canada's boreal forest", hdl:11272/10515