Dataset on land-use history, tree biodiversity, and soil characteristics in a shifting cultivation system in the Peruvian Amazon
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Fallow Community Composition and Functional Traits (Peruvian Amazon)
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The first worksheet includes data on tree species community composition based on count of stems > 2cm in sampled fallow vegetation plots (n=47) in 2011 in the community of San Jose [psuedonym] in the Peruvian Amazon.. These were used in EstimateSv8.20 to estimate a Chao-Jaccard distance estimator for the Non-metric Multi-Dimension Scaling plot. The species code (row 1) corresponds with unique species identified in the voucher list provided in the supplemental information, and Site (column 1) is a unique identifier of sampled fallow sites. The additional worksheet "NMDS_Second_Matrix' provides secondary environmental data used in NMDS plots. This dataset includes site level data on proportional break down of functional traits based on the relative proportion of stems per site; relative location of a site from Primary forest and village centre; time period of isolation; and measured soil properties adjusted for measure bulk density.
Fallow Management, Soil, and Biodiversity Metrics (Peruvian Amazon)
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This dataset provides calculated metrics for each sampled fallow (n = 47) and one primary forest stand from the community of San Jose [pseudonym] in the Peruvian Amazon from 2011. Management metrics were calculated from collected oral land use histories and air photo interpretation. Vegetation metrics were calculated from sampled vegetation plots in fallows 3-20 years of age and rarefied to common number of stems (n = 120). Fallow soils were collected and analyzed at La Molina University in Lima, Peru and adjusted for bulk density.
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"Dataset on land-use history, tree biodiversity, and soil characteristics in a shifting cultivation system in the Peruvian Amazon", hdl:11272/10392