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Experienced Labour Force Population aged 15 years and over excluding institutional residents by Sex (3), Age groups (7), Occupation (NOC-S) 2006 (718) and (NAICS) 2002 (431) for Canada and its Provinces and Territories, 2006

Production Date:2018
Last Released: May 25, 2018

Experienced Labour Force Population 15 years and over in Private Households by Sex (3), Age groups (7), Industry (NAICS) 2012 (425) and Occupation (NOC) 2016 (691) for Canada, Provinces and Territories, 2016

Production Date:2018
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Last Released: May 25, 2018

Table 1 Title: Aboriginal identity (9), Age (4) and Sex (3) for Population Excluding Institutional Residents of Canada, Provinces and Territories, 2016 census, 25% sample based data File Format: Beyond 20/20 [1,512 cells] Year, Database: 2016 census, 25% sample based data Notes: 1) The global non-response rate (GNR) is an important measure of census data quality. It combines total non-response (households) and partial non-response (questions). A lower GNR indicates a lower risk of non-response bias and, as a result, a lower risk of inaccuracy. The counts and estimates for geographic areas with a GNR equal to or greater than 50% are not published in the standard products. The counts and estimates for these areas have a high risk of non-response bias, and in most cases, should not be released. Geographies: Canada, Provinces and Territories [14 geographies] Universe: Population Excluding Institutional Residents of Canada Table Structure: Aboriginal identity (9), Age (4) and Sex (3) for Population Excluding Institutional Residents [108 cells /geog] Variables: Aboriginal identity (9) 1. Total - Aboriginal identity 2. Aboriginal identity 3. Single Aboriginal responses 4. First Nations (North American Indian) 5. Métis 6. Inuk (Inuit) 7. Multiple Aboriginal responses 8. Aboriginal responses not included elsewhere 9. Non-Aboriginal identity Age (4) 1. Total – Age 2. 0-5 years (inclusive under age 6) 3. 6-18 years 4. 19 years old & over Sex (3) 1. Total – Sex 2. Female 3. Male

Production Date:2018
Producer:Statistics Canada
Last Released: May 11, 2018

The ICRG Researchers Dataset Table 3B provides annual averages of the 12 components of ICRG's Political Risk Ratings (Table 3B), as published in the International Country Risk Guide.

Production Date:2018
Producer:The PRS Group
Last Released: May 11, 2018
LandScan Global Populationby Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The LandScan Global Population Database, developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, shows geographical distribution of population at one-kilometer resolution over an average 24 hour period. The dataset includes country-level demographic data, 1st level admin demographic data, pixel (1km²) level data, and a layer with area calculations for population density. Country and 1st level admin level data include age, gender, and age-by-gender population breakdowns. The pixel level data contains a total ambient population value for each cell. All data is georeferenced in the geographic projection WGS 1984. Included with the data is a toolbox for use with ESRI’s spatial analyst extension as well as pre-symbolized layer files to use for symbolizing the data.

Last Released: Mar 15, 2016

The Lipper TASS Hedge Fund Database provides one the most comprehensive databases for hedge funds coverage in the world. It contains more than 350 fields of data over 3900 hedge funds and 300 plus Commodity Trading Advisor programs.

Production Date:2014
Producer:Lipper , Thomson Reuters
Last Released: Nov 12, 2015

Facts and Figures 2006: Immigration Overview—Permanent and Temporary Residents presents the annual intake of permanent residents by category of immigration and of temporary residents by primary status from 1980 to 2006. It also presents the annual December 1 stock of temporary residents in Canada during the same period. The main body of the publication consists of a series of statistical tables and charts covering the ten-year period from 1997 to 2006. The publication is divided into two separate sections, each depicting selected characteristics for the permanent resident population or the temporary resident population during this ten-year period.

Production Date:2007
Producer:Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Last Released: Jul 16, 2014

The European Central Bank (ECB) is publishing today its report on the results of the April 2011 bank lending survey for the euro area. The bank lending survey, which is conducted four times a year, usually at the beginning of each quarter, was developed by the Eurosystem in order to enhance the understanding of bank lending behaviour in the euro area. The results reported in the April 2011 survey relate to changes in the first quarter of 2011 and expectations of changes in the second quarter of 2011. This survey round included one ad hoc question aimed at gauging the extent to which the situation in the financial markets is affecting banks’ credit standards for loans and credit lines to enterprises and for loans to households in the euro area. The April 2011 bank lending survey was conducted between 14 and 31 March 2011. In the first quarter of 2011 the size of the sample of banks surveyed was increased to 124 in order to include replies from Estonian banks for the first time.

Production Date:2011
Producer:European Central Bank
Last Released: Feb 28, 2014

This subset of ArcCanada 3.1 includes GIS data for British Columbia. Data files include: Agricultural Potential (raster); Airports; Border Crossings; Contours (1,000 meter intervals); Census Subdivisions: 1991, 1996, 2001; Census Tracts: 1996, 2001; Digital Elevation Model (30-arc-second) (raster); Forestry Potential (raster); Geologic Features; Highways (includes ferry routes); Indian Reserves; Lakes; Large Cities; Major Roads; Places; Populated Places; Provincial Parks; Provincial Boundary; Railroads; Recreation Potential (raster); Rivers; Soils; Ungulate Potential (raster); Water Bodies; and Waterfowl Potential (raster).

Production Date:2005
Last Released: Nov 25, 2013

The region covered by the digital orthophotos is the Lower Mainland from Georgia Strait to Chilliwack. This area includes the inhabited districts of the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley and is bounded to the east by the Chilliwack district boundary; to the west by Georgia Strait; to the north just short of the North and West Vancouver district boundaries; and finally, to the south by the Canada-USA border. Features: one meter image pixel 24-bit colour, UTM projection NAD '83

Production Date:1995
Producer:Triathlon Mapping Corporation, Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.
Last Released: Nov 25, 2013
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