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A Dataverse is a container for research data studies, customized and managed by its owner.

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A study is a container for a research data set. It includes cataloging information, data files and complementary files.
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CIEMPIESS Experimentation by Mena, Carlos Daniel HernándezJun 21, 2019
Anthology of Fourteen Canadian Poets, 1972 by Djwa, Sandra; Coulthard, WJ; Herring, WJun 21, 2019
TAC KBP Chinese Regular Slot Filling - Comprehensive Training and Evaluation Data 2014 by Ellis, Joe; Getman, Jeremy; Strassel, StephanieJun 20, 2019
FactBank 1.0 by Sauri, Roser; Pustejovsky, JamesJun 20, 2019
The New York Times Annotated Corpus by Sandhaus, EvanJun 17, 2019
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